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issue." In addition to banning life-threating poli●ce tactics such as chokeholds and limiting the transfer o●f military-grade weaponry to state and local police depar●tments, the Democ9

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rat-proposed bill also sought to reform ●the immunity doctrine that shields government officials, ●including police officers, from liability for conduct on ●the job unless they violate "clearly established" constit●utional righ9

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ts. "We cannot settle for anything less than ●transformative structural change, which is why the Justic●e in Policing Act will remove barriers to 6

reform iA

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prosecuting pol●ice misconduct and covering damages by addressing the imm●unity doctri6

ne," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Monday w●hen introducing the bill. Calling for swift action to pas●s the bill, Pelosi said Wednesday after meeting with I

n a● 10-0

Phil●onise Floyd prior to the hearing that injustice in the cu●rrent police system "is readily appare5

nt. The need to mak●e the change is clear and the proposals to do so have bee●n in the hopper for a while." Appearing on Fox News "Fox ● Friends" program Wednesday morning, McEnany noted that W●hite House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, presidential e

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advi●ser Jared Kushner and domestic pol4

icy adviser Ja'Ron Smit●h on Tuesday huddled with Republican Senator Tim L

Scott, w●ho led the GOP effort to devise police reforms. "They had● a very positix

ve meeting with Senator Scott and it2

was ve●ry productive, and we do believe that we will have proact●ive 1

policy prescriptions, whether that means legislation ●or an executive order," McEn2

any said.Less than a week ago, Trumpw

threatened the use of active-duty milita〓ry forces to quell the protes2

ts, a decision that drew harsh condemn〓ation from both current and former officialO

s. WASHINGTON, June 7 --〓 U.S. PresidenK

t Donald Trump said Sunday he has ordered the Nationa〓l Guard recently deA

ployed in Washington, D.C. to deal with the prot〓ests to begin withdrawing from thV

e nation's capital. "I have just g〓iven 8

an order for our National Guard to start the process of withdr〓awing from6

Washington, D.C., now that everything is under perfect c〓ontrol," the president tg

weeted in the morning. "They will beZ

going 〓home, but can quickly return, if needed. Far fewer protesters shY

owe〓d up last night than anticipated!" A group of uniformed military p〓ersonnel D